Android 12 Beta 1 Launched At Google I/O

Google I/O started on May 18. The biggest announcement from the event is that Android 12 can now be downloaded as the first public beta on some selective smartphones of about 10 brands. Like always, the first on the list is the Google Pixel series, but this time along with them OEMs have also received the Android 12. According to Google in Google I/O, Android 12 is the next iteration of the world’s most popular mobile operating system and it is present on more than 3 billion devices across the world. However, most of these devices come from OEMs. They are working hard along with Google so that the Android updates come on time like the iOS updates. It might take a little more time but the brands that are involved in this and have strived to be there till the end includes Xiaomi, OnePlus, Nokia, Realme, Asus, etc.

All the brands involved have already uploaded a step-by-step guide on how to install the Android 12 public beta on a particular device. The process can only be applied if the user knows how to flash ROMs and install new ones. Also, the user needs to be careful that they aren’t installing Android 12 beta 1 on their daily driver. That is the first beta of Android 12 and it will be containing bugs and issues. They can cause harm to your phone and no brand, or Google recommends that.

Some of the eligible smartphones have altered the new Android 12 beta 1 so that they are at par with their custom skin. Because of this, on those phones, the user might not receive Android 12, the way Google wanted it to be. Also, these phones might not find some features immediately. In this event, Google has said that the Pixel Series will be the first to receive the new design.