WhatsApp Brings Increased Speed For Voice Messages

Good news for the beta users of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has brought forth a new update for the beta users by which a user can now play the voice messages at different speeds. This feature is available on beta version for Android; however the last version also supports it.

The Android beta users of WhatsApp will be able to use this feature. Also, there is a beta program for iOS available too. WABetaInfo had reported that WhatsApp has been trying different playback speeds for voice messages since last month.  Finally, after a lot of work, it has managed to launch three different speeds for voice notes in an updated version.

The three playback speeds introduced are 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. The beta users who are a part of this trial will see a playback speed symbol in a voice message. When you play the message, it’ll be at normal speed, but on tapping the icon the speed will keep increasing. Once you tap it’ll be increased to 1x,  the second time to 1.5x and third time to 2x. The options are only for increasing the speed and not for decreasing the speed.

As said earlier, the feature is available to Android beta users of WhatsApp and not to iOS users yet. There’s no information on when it’ll be available to all but going by how it made available to the public beta users, it shouldn’t take much time.