Top 5 Hotel Management Games

Hotel Management Games are one of the most interesting and popular games that users love. Do you want to pass your time interestingly? Go download some of these games and you will lose track of your time. Here are the top 5 hotel management games for mobile phones.

1. Grand Hotel Mania-Hotel Adventure Game

This is an extremely fun filling time management game. This will attract both strategy lovers as well as casual players equally. In this game, the player plays the role of the owner of the Golden Apple Hotel and has full power over the hotel. The game starts from the very beginning where the owner has to increase the business, create his hotel chain and try to make it one of the most successful hotels in the world. The basic game is to satisfy the guest’s request without them getting irritated. The faster the request gets fulfilled the more money you get. These coins are used by you to fulfill the next orders and upgrade your hotel and its services.

2. Hotel Empire Tycoon-Idle Game Manager Simulator

This is another exciting time management game. This is a business simulator in the field of hotel management games. In this game, you start from the very basic. You get a simple hotel in the beginning. You can then develop the hotel and make it into a top hotel. You can change the size of rooms making them bigger, add furniture and decorations and also give special services to your guests. How much the guests are satisfied will have a result on the popularity of the hotel.

3. Hidden Hotel

This game is a little different from the aforementioned games. This game will suit the mystery fans too. In this game, the player needs to search for missing objects which will be used to restore the old hotel. Apart from just finding the hidden objects, the player also needs to repair the hotel to bring it back to its old form. The objects found contain some mysteries which will reveal some secrets of the old hotel. The user needs to complete some tasks to find the objects.  Once the objects are found, they get deleted from the list but if all objects are clicked indiscriminately then all the points might be lost and the restoration will cost us more. During restoration, the player can choose between different styles and designs. Day by day, the difficulty level of the tasks increase.

4. Hotel Story: Resort Simulation

This is another time management game where you are given a small two-bedroom hostel and you have to take care of it, fulfill the requests of your customers to earn money. You are provided with a small amount of money and resources in the beginning and you have to satisfy the guests to earn money. There are more than 80 kinds of facilities available which the player can use to bring in more and more tourists. This game can be played online as well as offline. There is also a multiplayer mode wherein the player can visit other hotels and those players can help you upgrade your hotel.

5. Resort Island Tycoon

The whole resort town which is located on a tropical island has to be managed in this game. We can put up different areas like cinemas, supermarkets and more for sale. Also, snack bars, cafes, and eateries need to be established so that the guests can have a good time. Also, you can build transportation hubs, hotels. All that you put up needs to be updated and well maintained. Also, new arrangements need to be made so that more tourists visit your hotel. You can decorate the hotel using different decor that is available. The main aim is to make your resort the best on the coast. Offline mode is available for this game as well.