Snapchat Exceeded Expectations After Rebuilding Its Android App

A consistent complaint regarding Snapchat that has been going on for years is that the Android version of the App was way behind its iOS version. Now, the company has reframed the App totally from the very beginning and this has paid off. The new Snapchat App has been a huge hit among Android users.

Reports from Reuters suggest that that the App has seen a 22% year-over-year increase during the first quarter of 2021. It is estimated that there have been 280 million users. This had not even been predicted by the analysts. Their approximations were lesser. 50% of the total growth is reported to have come from outside of North America.

There are more Android users than iOS users of this app. This update was very much needed. In the updated App, the picture quality has been improved a lot. Also, the performance of the App is increased in the new update. Not just this, a vast range of language support and content specifically made for other regions have also been added in the new update.

Snapchat first started revamping the App when there were reports of technical issues in 2018.  Outside the US, Android phones predominate over iPhones. Now, after the revamping of the App, the App has more Android users which is a first for the company.