Know When Nokia Phones Will Get Android 11

The Android One program was selected for Nokia. This was because it was simple, easy to use and its OS updates were fast. Also, the regular security updates release was an important factor. However, that did not happen with the latest update and it did not go well with the users. There are only six Nokia phones that have received the Android 11 update. Many other devices are ready for the update but are waiting.

Nokia fans have only one question going on in their head now and this was answered by Adam Ferguson, the current marketing head of Nokia Mobile. In the Q&A session organized for selected media, Ferguson said many Nokia devices will be getting the Android 11 update in April. However, he could not mention which are the devices. He further said that the main reason for this delay was that Nokia phones were not a part of the Android Developer Program for Android 11.

There’s no clue as to why Nokia wasn’t there for the Beta testing of the next update. However, by becoming the second manufacturer after Samsung to give three years of OS updates it seems like the Android One program will be over. If not the end, then it might just be limited to the G series of Nokia smartphones.

The upcoming releases will surely give us an idea about how the future of the Android club looks. Florian Seiche has said that Nokia never aimed to be the cheapest in the market but to give great services and update policy.