Know What The New Features Of Google Meet Are

Since the time this pandemic situation has set it, video calls have become a part of everyone’s daily life. Google Meet has been one such App that has topped the list of video calling Apps. However, there are rival apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams which are giving it a strong competition and the only way to overtake them is by providing new updates. Google Meet has now rolled out a new update which further proves this point.

The most important part of a video calling App should be that it is user-friendly. With its latest update, Google Meet has decided to bring some changes to its interface. One of the changes is that the App has brought down all its controls to the bottom bar. By this change, the users do not need to search the entire screen for the controls.

Also, Google Meet has launched backgrounds in a video format. After a few weeks, users will be able to choose different kinds of pretty backgrounds which will go in the background of their calls. Not only this, but they will also be able to put animated videos as backgrounds. As per reports from The Next Web, the company has said that there will be three new video backgrounds in the form of ‘a classroom, a party, and a forest.’

Apart from this, another update is that more than one user can be pinned during video calls. Along with this, the video of one user can be hidden completely. Not just this, there’s more. An option will be given whether the user’s video will be in a tile or floating picture format. The second will provide more space to fit the other participants. There is also another feature, but that is only for the Premium Workspace members. It is an AI-based feature through which a participant will be completely in focus by zooming in the camera if the participant keeps moving around.