Google Assistant Can Now Track Lost iPhones

Google has been adding some new features to its digital assistant recently. The latest feature is that Apple users can now be able to track their lost iPhones using the Google assistant.

This feature was available for android users for a long time. Users could easily set off a sound if they lost their phones. According to a report from MacRumors, something similar to Apple’s own Find My system is coming to the iPhone.

The report said that users having a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker and the Google Home app for iOS will be able to find a lost device.

If the user is not able to find his/her phone, they will just say “Hey Google, find my phone” to the Google smart home devices. After this, the Google Home app will be sending an emergency alert to the iOS on the iPhone.

Apple has always let the users use critical alerts. These are special notifications that can penetrate even through the Do Not Disturb or Silent mode so that they can finally get to the user.

Apps having these critical alerts need to get special permissions from Apple. It looks like Google has got that permission.

Apart from this, another feature Google is launching is called “Assistant Routines”. This feature will help them to perform multiple actions using a single command automatically. Along with this, there will also be a Duplex update using which ordering takeout and delivery will become easier from specific partner restaurants.