Here’s How Powerful The Processor Of The New iPad Pro Is

The new update received from 9to5Mac tells us that the new iPad Pro that is going to come out very soon will be as robust as the MacBook Air. It will also be equipped with the M1 chip. The report also tells us about a chip called 13G which is likely to be the A14X Processor that will be powering the iPad Pro.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the A14X chip that is to be used in the iPad Pro “is on par with the faster M1 chip in the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini.” Of course, the iPad Pro will be more powerful than its Processor but the main question is that do we even need that amount of performance?

The target audience of the iPad Pro already has a Mac. For example, a MacBook Air can run legacy software. For that, it needs to have a powerful Processor. The new Mac range of Apple has not gone down well with most users including the Pro users. The iPad Pro does not aim at completely removing the MacBook Pro yet, but yes a lot of users are using that instead of a laptop.

The insertion of the robust A14X Processor will let the user use more desktop-quality apps on the iPad. Apps like Photoshop already can be used smoothly in the iPad Pro. As reported earlier the iPad Pro will have two variants of screen sizes but new information tells us that the 12.9-inch variant is likely to have a mini LED screen. The iPad Pro might also have a Thunderbolt port.