Google Meet Extends Free Services Till June And Introduces New Features

Google launched Google Meet last year due to Covid-19 and since then it has been providing free services to its users. The free service was supposed to end on September 30 last year but it was then extended to March 31, 2021. Now, Google has decided to extend it till June this year.

With the free services, the users can continue to make calls for up to 24 hours. The actual limit is 60 minutes for normal Google Meet users. Anyone having a Gmail account can host as well as attend Google Meet calls for 24 hours. The rate at which Covid cases are rising, work from home is expected to continue and this will be beneficial for the users.

The extra Google Meet features include allowing up to 250 participants for a video call, saving meetings to Google Drive, and be able to use features like hand raise, polls, and Q&A, breakout rooms, attendance reports, intelligent noise cancellation. For getting access to these extra features we have to go for Google Workspace subscription plans.

Google has not stopped here. Google is continuing to bring more and more features to Meet. For the mobile apps, they have introduced grid view which wasn’t there previously. The grid view will be first available on iPhones. 8 participants will be allowed in the grid view at one point in time. The ones talking will be highlighted. The ones who do not participate for a certain amount of time will be exited from the grid view so that more interactive members can take up space. Pretty much similar to how Google Meet works on the Web.