Google Maps To Add New Features Of Maps Editing

There is a new feature that is likely to be introduced in Google Maps. As per reports, Google is likely to update its map editing options. This update will allow the users to make changes like add missing roads, and realign, rename or delete the incorrect ones. Like we have the line tool in Microsoft Paint, this new tool called drawing will be similar to it. This new tool will be made accessible in more than 80 countries very soon.

Presently, if we want to add a new place or road, we have to drop a pin at the point where the place should be and type the name of the road or the place. This information would then be submitted to Google who would then make that change in the maps. Using the new drawing tool, we can not only add missing places and roads but we can also change the direction or name of a particular road or place if that is incorrect. There are times when some names or directions are incorrect.
Firstly, take an android phone or tablet and open the My Maps. Open a map, or create a new map, whatever you want. A map can consist of up to 10,000 lines, shapes, or places. There’s an Add option at the bottom right, tap that and the Add a new point. There will be an ‘X’. Drag the map so that X is placed in the location that it is required to be in. Tap the ‘select’ option. Given the selected location a name and give them a layer. There can be 2,000 lines, shapes, or places in a layer. Then tap Done.
Another new feature will also be added by Google Maps. There will be a ‘photo updates’ feature. Using this feature, the users can share small details about a particular place and they do not need to write a full review. Once inside the app, the users will be able to add photos of a location and also see recent photos with text snippets that have been submitted by other users.