First Update With Left/Right Balance Adjustment For Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro is among some of the all-time favorites, and now they’re having a first update that provides two updates and a collection of bug fixes and improvements in performance.

Galaxy Buds Pro is now rolling out, receiving the R190XXU0AUA1 upgrade, which is just 2.20MB in size. On the whole, it’s a fairly small update, but it provides two changes that people may be able to appreciate and enjoy.

Most notably, based on what a consumer prefers, Galaxy Buds Pro now has the option to change the volume balance between the left and right earbuds. For users with mild hearing difficulties that allow one ear to sound more distinctly than the other, this may be useful.

Notably, on several of its previous fully wireless earbuds, Samsung has included this feature, but it was curiously absent on the firmware that Buds Pro shipped with. In any event, in the Galaxy Wearable app under ‘Advanced’ options, the option is now live.

Beyond that, Samsung says the “wake-up response” for Bixby Voice has also been enhanced, which users can activate by saying “Hey Bixby” as long as the feature is allowed.

Finally, Samsung claims that with this update, Galaxy Buds Pro gets miscellaneous yet efficient performance and stability upgrades. Even if they cannot always be quantified, they are still valued.

Galaxy Buds Pro retail for USD199.

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