Snapchat Extending Bitmoji Fashion

Gradually we have entered a world where wearing your Bitmoji image is as important as taking care of yourself. This is why addressing the issue, Snapchat is exploring a new clothing option that will allow users to choose from a range of Fashion items from different Bitmojis retailers. So, of course, they are working with top fashion retailers to design Bitmoji models that wear their items.

The end result will be enjoyable and convenient for both customers and the product as the latter will get a chance to showcase their new collections in an engaging way, the first one, on the other hand, will also try those free clothing options in their digital avatar within the app. In the existing Bitmoji feature Snapchat the company has already made popular digital clothing available to the users from brands like Jordan and Ralph Lauren.

In addition, Bitmoji clothing options are a great way to turn Snapchat into a visible advertising world, and as brands are always looking for opportunities to connect more with potential buyers. So with this, fashion retailers will eventually be able to reach more people. With the growing awareness of digital purchases, Snapchat aims to be one of the leading players in the communications world who wants to maximize its revenue by introducing the eCommerce option. considering the statistics, about 70% of app users associate themselves with their Bitmoji characters in some or the other way. Bitmoji characters could be a good vehicle for promotion and testing/exhibiting product compatibility.

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