Samsung Galaxy S21 Certified By The Android Enterprise Recommended Programme

For the best quality of devices to deploy in a business environment, something to look for is the Android Enterprise Recommend seal. The recently launched Galaxy S21 series contains the newest entrants to the Android Enterprise Recommended program alongside a few other notable new participants.

Basically, back in 2018, the Android Enterprise Recommended platform was introduced as a means to recognize and identify hardware that is suitable for this particular environment. To actually be included, devices have to meet a minimum standard, such as the added Android protection patch within 90 days of Google releases for a span of three years.

The Galaxy S21 series in its entirety now has the Android Enterprise Recommended application stamp of approval, according to the XDA. During the live-streamed launch event for the S21 series, Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer confirmed the inclusion, but to date, the official site that lists all products that have such certification does not mention any of the new releases from Samsung. Lockheimer made the following statement:

”For those of you interested in using the S21 for work, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s an Android Enterprise Recommended device. The S21 exceeds the program’s elevated hardware and software requirements for business use.”

What’s more puzzling is that, despite obtaining approval in the latter part of 2020, the Galaxy S20, Note 20, and Galaxy Tab S7 are also not mentioned in the Android Enterprise Recommended directory. Why this is the case is unknown, but it may simply be an error on the part of the staff reviewing the dedicated directories.

The only new addition is the Xiaomi Mi 10T-Lite, which was recently launched and is a long cry from the S21 version.

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