Hyundai And Apple Negotiate To Manufacture An Electric Car

Based on a report by Korea Economic Daily, Apple is negotiating with South Korean car brand Hyundai to build a long-presumed electric car. The first report prompted multiple statements and revisions from Hyundai and was the first to compile a previous statement about Apple’s involvement.

Several car makers around the world have later omitted any mention of Apple. According to an interview with Korea Economic Daily, it was confirmed that Apple is negotiating with Hyundai Motor Group and proposing cooperation to launch Apple cars. On the side of Hyundai Motor Group, the review is already completed.

Apple’s tendency to work with the car makers established for this project has already been confirmed by multiple reports, but concrete evidence was unavailable until Hyundai itself admitted to the same.
However, the Korean carmaker reverted to its claim to negotiate with Apple after making some amendments to the original statement. It is unclear whether Apple itself urged Hyundai to retreat.

Some rumors state that the collaboration might happen as early as 2021, while other more reliable reports maintained the Apple Car’s realistic 2027 window. The Korea Economic Daily reaffirms the same.

Another report shows that Apple is working on a new battery technology that can significantly improve the range of electric vehicles. Hyundai claimed it was in talks to make a battery for Apple.