Google To Introduce A New And Updated Feature For Language Settings In Maps.

Google Maps for Android has introduced a new feature that allows users to set a specific language for the app that may differ from their general device settings based on the preference of the people.

As stated in a report by 9to5Google, users can choose a different language for Google Maps For example, even if their phone’s language settings are in English, they can choose the Hindi language for the app for better use.

First announced for India last month, the feature is now available to consumers globally, following the report. Those who access the feature from the Settings menu can from the top right corner of the app.

“This will allow anyone to search for places, get directions and navigation, and interact with the Map at their preferred language,” says Google, as quoted by the report.

Users can select from a list of “suggested” language options for the language that is suitable to them from the App Language option within Settings. This is followed by a list of “All” languages that follow.
The feature offers 79 languages in total. When selected, the app will research while the language choice is quickly downloaded in the background. After this, all features in the app, from the bottom bar to the settings, will be available in the language of your choice.

This feature will be rolled out to Google Maps through a server-side update of the latest version of the app.