Google Finalizes Deal To Acquire Fitbit

Google, the search and advertising giant, closed its deal to acquire Fitbit, the companies said Thursday, even as the Department of Justice said it was pursuing its $2.1 billion transaction investigation.

The Department of Justice, which sued Google in October in its search and search advertisement businesses for allegedly breaching antitrust law, said it “has not reached a final decision about whether to pursue an enforcement action” about the Fitbit contract.

As a way to reach the wearable market, Google said it was buying Fitbit, which produces a watch-like device to monitor physical activity, and was looking to resolve privacy issues.

They collaborated on an approach that protects customer privacy preferences with global regulators, Google said in a blog post, which claimed that Fitbit had 29 million active users.

For its Fitbit bid, Google received EU antitrust clearance last month after agreeing to limits on how it could use health-related data from customers.

When it was revealed in late 2019, Google’s decision to acquire Fitbit immediately sparked questions because of its already rich set of data about people, what they buy, where they ride, and more.

The fitness trackers and other devices from Fitbit record the everyday steps, calories burned and distance traveled by users. They also calculate climbing floors, heart rate, and how long people sleep, and how well.

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