Galaxy S21 Is Slimmer In Packaging As Charger And Earbuds Are Omitted From The Box

It is not unknown that Samsung is removing the charger from the Galaxy S21 box, but a new leak gives us the biggest confirmation till date. As reported by WinFuture, the box the Galaxy S21 ships in is incredibly thin without a charger. or headphones included. accessories to streamline packaging. The advantage? Waste. This packaging ends up wasting far less cardboard and/or plastic, as well as reducing electronic waste.

Obviously, the obvious downside to this is that consumers who buy Samsung phones this year are. The box includes a USB-C cable for charging and data transfer, but there’s no output brick to connect that cable to.

Additionally, Samsung has decided to omit a pair of wired earbuds in the box. This isn’t particularly surprising, though: Samsung also removed the headphones from the box with its Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 last year, but it’s a shame to see them go away even though many users have switched to truly wireless earbuds too. the Galaxy S21 will launch alongside the Galaxy Buds Pro, which may ease the blow for some users as well.