The Galaxy S21 Shows Minor Teardown Differences From The S20 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series’ first teardown has now been posted online, with some admittedly slight internal variations from the Galaxy S20 variant of last year. Of course, with the early 2021 upgrade, most of the major differences are external, although there are a variety of small improvements uncovered and revealed on their YouTube channel by teardown and system repair expert PBKreviews. The short video states that, however, there are some major internal additions, such as the top speaker assembly being packed with foam balls. Theoretically, this should make the speaker sound louder and fuller, something that smartphones usually suffer from.

This teardown of the Galaxy S21 indicates that this time around, displays could be ever-so-slightly easier to repair as they are connected via reversible ribbon cables rather than soldered or permanently attached. This should result in marginally quicker, efficient, and better turnaround times should you damage your monitor.

Although it is possibly blocked by software, single SIM devices still look like there is space for a secondary SIM card, meaning you won’t be able to purchase a dual SIM tray to try to get the functionality. The absence of heat diffusion vapor chamber or copper heat pipes is another noteworthy one.

Instead, this teardown reveals that this year, Samsung is using a 3D graphite layer inside the Galaxy S21 entry platform to achieve improved thermal systems.

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