Apple Store Online Offering INR 5,000 Cashback For Indian Customers

Big news for Apple customers in India. Apple has decided to offer customers a discount of almost INR 5,000. This is a huge discount which can be applied instantly on Apple products given your purchase bill is more than INR 44,900. The discount is in the form of a cashback which means Apple will refund you the amount at a later period.

This deal is exclusive to Apple Store online and applicable in India only. Apple offers a wide selection of products online including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Apple Watch and more. If you are going to make a purchase via the Apple Store, this is going to be applicable on most of your purchases if the bill is above INR 44,900.

Along side the discount, Apple is also offering a no-cost 6 month EMI option which would be beneficial if you want to pay your outstanding over a period of 6 months. Another great option to bring your bill down is to trade-in devices so Apple will offer you a value for your existing Apple products. Combine this with the cashback of INR 5,000 and the bill reduces a lot.

As far as new products are concerned, Apple is offering the iPhone 12 via its online store for just INR 69,900 and the AirPods Pro Max – Appleā€™s latest over the ear headphones which are completely wireless are available for INR 59,900. These are some of the latest Apple product offerings to which the discount can be applied. Apple also has the latest Macs and Watches if those interest you.

Visit the Indian Apple Store Online.

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