New Apple Store Displays Bring The Apple Arcade Icons To Life

In Apple Stores around the world, characters from your favorite Apple Arcade games are the highlights of larger than life shows. This past week, the latest immersive demonstrations debuted and are driven by a QR code-based experience.

The backdrop of the current Apple Arcade Avenue is packed with a grid of acrylic software icons. Each icon is powered by an eye-catching animation played on an iPad. Skate City, Crossy Road Castle, WHAT THE GOLF? are included in the latest featured names, among others.
Demo iPhones and iPads come loaded with all of the games included, and an experience you can take with you has also been developed by Apple.

Click on any of the acrylic icons and you will be asked to proceed with a QR code that leads to Apple Arcade in the App Store. The latest show is themed around the App Store in nations where Apple Arcade is currently inaccessible.

You will be prompted to continue with a QR code that leads to Apple Arcade in the App Store by clicking on each of the acrylic icons. In nations where Apple Arcade is actually unavailable, the new display is themed around the App Store.

Last year, Apple Arcade upgraded up in Apple Stores with displays showcasing some of the popular early games available on the subscription service. Apple has evolved its displays from kids’ wired toys and app-enabled accessories to games and controllers over the last three years.

Apple Arcade comes packed with a subscription to Apple One and gives a free trial.