Apple Planning To Launch Faster Chargers

Apple is reportedly planning to bring to the market a smaller, lighter version of the USB-C wall charger, and Navitas Semiconductor will take orders for gallium nitride or GaN chargers. GaN chargers use a technology that is more heat efficient and allows faster-charging speed even though the charger itself is quite small.

As per reports by DigiTimes, Ireland-based Navitas Semiconductor, US-based Power Integrations, and China-based Innoscience are among the world’s top three suppliers and providers of fast charging solutions based on GaN-on-Si chips. The Navitas will be ordered by Apple and other vendors in 2021 and TSMC will supply GaN-on-Si chips.

Navitas is the creator of GaN Fast and, according to the company, is included in some of the most popular quick chargers available across the world.

GaNFast is preferred and used by several brands such as Aukey, Dell, Lenovo, and Xiaomi. Apple does no longer provide the power adapters in the iPhone boxed Apple Watch model. However, there is an availability of a variety of power adapters on a standalone and independent basis.

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