Apple Glasses Allow Easy Unlocking For All Apple Devices

An Apple patent granted today shows how Apple glasses can automatically unlock all Apple devices, similar to how you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.

The patent admits that having to unlock each device individually can be a bit annoying when using several devices.

“Many electronic devices restrict access to various features based on authentication of the identity of the user. When multiple devices are used concurrently, procedures for unlocking each device individually can delay user access and reduce the quality of the user experience.”

The patent obviously does not use the term Apple Glasses, but the language explains it quite clearly, referring to “an authenticated device that is worn. by the user as a device worn over the head.

Plain, dense patent language is used, but the key – as with the Apple Watch – is proximity. Devices are unlocked when in close range.
“One aspect of the disclosure is a system for authenticated device assisted user authentication. The system includes an authenticated device that is worn by a user as a head-mounted device, wherein the user is currently authenticated to access a restricted-access function of the authenticated device. The system also includes a proximate device that has a locked state and an unlocked state, wherein a restricted-access function of the proximate device is inaccessible by the user in the locked state, and the restricted-access function of the proximate device is accessible by the user in the unlocked state. The authenticated device is operable to detect the proximate device, to determine an intent of the user to access the restricted-access function of the proximate device while the proximate device is in the locked state, and to emit authentication data. Based on the authentication data, the proximate device identifies the user as an authenticated user and enters the unlocked state from the locked state, such that the restricted-access function of the proximate device is accessible to the user.”

The patent also discusses other options in case the user does not wish to unlock the device without any user interaction. These include “spatial orientation” (presumably turning to face the device); Voice command; body gesture; eye gesture; or “ gesture of movement ” – perhaps walking towards the device.

Apple filed for a patent in April 2019 and it was granted this morning. last year I asked to unlock our Apple Watch also our iPhone and iPad as our Mac Apple seems to think the same way.

Little is not yet aware of Apple’s headset plans other than CEO Tim Cook, which said the company finds augmented reality more interesting than virtual reality and believes that Apple Glasses could potentially replace an iPhone. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that it is merely a display device controlled by an iPhone, and not a standalone device. It will be launched sometime this year. This is earlier than predicted in most previous reports