New AirPods Pro 2 And New iPhone To Launch Simultaneously

Apple’s AirPods headset range continues to make waves. The first pair of headphones sold faster than Apple could make them for months, and the next model, the AirPods Pro, and the latest over-ear headset, the AirPods Max, have been selling big.

Now, a new report confirms that the upcoming AirPods Pro headset is being replaced by a second version and has a few design-specific elements to lend a bit of interest to the statement. As well as interesting, the report also claims that a new iPhone will be released at the same time.

Overall, details are tantalizingly thin on the ground, but the report, coming from the Japanese website Mac Otakara, says that the next AirPods Pro is not far away. They will arrive in April, which is just three months away, as the blog claims, saying that the information comes from the Chinese suppliers.

It is usually the supply chain that leaks this type of information and although there is no indication of design and variations, there is a small clue. That’s the size of the case that would be the same thickness, 21mm from front to back. But the height and width will vary to 46mm and 54mm respectively. So the new case will be broadly similar but fractionally high, by just 0.8mm and, more obviously, a narrower 60.6mm.

Although there have been rumors that the next AirPods Pro would have an impressively different design, perhaps to remove the short stem on the existing model, there is no indication in today’s report that that is what the new case is designed to accommodate.

excluding the small change in dimensions, we can assume that the design of the AirPods Pro themselves could stay more or less the same as they are now, but that a redesigned battery or other element has allowed the slightly smaller case to adjust the installation of the ears inside.

He said Apple is unlikely to change the case in order to do so: the current case is completely portable and works well. So it could still indicate a more drastic redesign for buds nesting inside the case.

As a result of only a dozen weeks until release, if the report is correct, there are likely to be more leaks between now and then.

As mentioned above, the same Mac Otakara report also states that an updated iPhone will also be launching at the same time. The main signs are the timing and that it is referred to as the iPhone SE 3rd Generation.

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