Top 5 Apps For Parents With Newborns

Parenthood can be a testing journey. The initial stage of a newborn’s knife is extremely delicate, in terms of physical and mental development. It is vital to ensure the health of newborn babies. To simplify the process for new parents and help them to provide stress-free parenting, apps help in tracking when to feed, the sleep cycles, understand developmental objectives, and more. Here are the top 5 apps for parents with newborns:

1.Glow Baby-Newborn tracker log

This tracker helps you understand each detail of your baby’s prime stage with an encouraging community and informative articles. The child’s health is organized in charts to help parents gain an in-depth observation by the glow baby app. Multiple caregivers have access to the log information ad more than one child’s data can be tracked. Articles about milestones, feeding, and more can be read regularly, with Glow partnering up with Baby411 as an enhancement. The baby’s very first year is a hectic and crucial time for any parent as it includes sleepless nights, diaper duty, and endless other responsibilities. The best way to track your child’s growth and the milestones with which they continue to grow healthy and content each day, with Glow Baby.

2.Baby Tracker – Newborn log

Data syncing and uploading pictures available in baby activity trackers, this app is a must for everyone looking for such features. A full-functioned tool developed to keep track of all your baby’s activities. Sharing data with doctors and caregivers, quick and easy entry of details, and a notes section for everything that is needed to be remembered, are the convenient techniques offered by Baby tracker with a neat and instinctive interface. Both iPhone and iPad have accessibility to this app, offering easy access to entry information and allows you to picturise your baby’s achievements.

3.Baby Feed Timer

This app is for everyone looking for baby activity trackers providing Apple Watch support. Both breast and bottle feedings, diaper changes, sleep, and growth can be tracked with the help of Baby Feed Timer. iPhone and iPad both have the availability along with Apple Watch support, so that through any device, activities can be tracked. To customize you can upload photos, compare your baby’s growth with data from the World Health Organization, and receive feeding reminders, additionally, for late-night feeding the timer can be used as well.


This is a great app to socialize with other moms who face the same issues as you. By allowing you to swipe each other’s profiles, this app gives you a chance to interact with mothers near you. “Peanut Pages” is the newly launched community discussion feature letting you raise questions and brainstorm alongside other moms who choose to be there alternating Facebook groups and other social platforms.

5.Today’s Parent My Family

This app helps you track naps, aiding with breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and capturing all beautiful memories with the assistance of the storybook tool. How-to videos on recipes, crafts, and a lot more are included in this interesting app. It is highly recommended and every new parent must download it.