The Official Google Merchandise Store Offers The Best Gifts And Trinkets

A visit to the Googleplex in Mountain View is totally incomplete without a gift shop visit along with taking a picture with the Android statue and Stan. The Google Merchandise Store can be browsed online luckily, and a compiled list of the best gifts that should be bought is mentioned in this article.

Apparel is the first merchandise category, to begin with. We suggest the “Android Iconic Hat” as the best hardware choice. A massive Android mascot head that appears to be peeping from behind the visor.

Nothing can compete for the top shirt: “Android Pocket Tee.” The availability is in a range of colours, answering the basic question, “Is that an Android in your pocket?”

Fairly speaking, all the socks are exceptionally great. From polka dots to YouTube and “mural”, deciding one of them just seems too hard!

The “Lifestyle” category particularly has bags. The “Google Campus Bike Tote” and the “Google Land & Sea Tote Bag” are the amazing choices that are available.

The “Android Buoy Bottle” appears to be the cutest drinkware ever. The capsule shape makes it unique to the eye, even though it is an old mascot. The “Google Mural Mug” featuring the t-rex is equally worth it.

When it comes to “Stationery”, stickers happen to be one of the most important product. The new emoji — sorry blobs — and the Android mascot cycling through various, rather expressive emotions are available for purchase.

To conclude, a category known as “Small Goods” by the Google Merchandise Store involves a “Google Phone Stand Bamboo” and a “Noogler Android Figure.” The “Google Chrome Dinosaur Collectible” or “Google Campus Bike” model are definitely things you should consider getting your hands on.

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