Meet Your Favorite Animal In 3D With Google’s Mobile App

The replication of the great outdoors inside is one amazing feature offered by the well known AR creatures from Google marking the key highlight of the year. 50 new 3D animals have been added by Google Search in the grandest drop yet.

“50 new AR animals to discover on Search” was followed by an announcement made on Friday. The video initiated by Google only showcased a snippet of them being: hippo, giraffe, milk cow, cat, zebra, pig, and chow chow.

These new 3D animals can be accessed on most advanced Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is look for them on a mobile browser or through the Google app, and scroll until you find the animated card inviting you to meet a life-sized creature up close. Additionally, the exact model including sound effects can be zoomed in by you. Capturing pictures and recording videos for viral moments to place them in your surroundings is the whole point.

Here are some new breeds of dogs and cats. Currently, these are the ones that have been discovered:

There has been an extension of the collection of 3D animal’s year Google in the past few months. New models from down under, like a kangaroo and echidna, were marked summer in Australia by in company lately in November.

A spooky trio for Halloween was introduced by Google previously. Dinosaurs, insects, planets/moons, science concepts, and even products had the experience of their company.

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