Amazon Launches New Halo Fitness Tracker That Detects Your Tone Of Voice

Looking for a gift with the holiday season coming? Amazon’s new Halo fitness tracker is perfect! The $99.99 tracker scans a wearer’s body to create a 3D scan of their body fat and detects their voice throughout the day for tone, offering a lot more than just tracker movement. The best part about this device is that the first six months are totally free, later only costing $3.99 per month for the maintenance of its features. (In case you are not willing to subscribe, the Halo only tracks sleep time, heart rate, and step tracking.)

Silver, black, and pink – are the 3 colours the device is available in – also featuring a fabric strap with no display. While there are some devices listed by Amazon that are not compatible, it can be paired with iOS and Android devices over Bluetooth.

An improved representation of health over other wearables because of its body fat measurement is what Halo guarantees to provide. An article indicating that the measurements might not be accurate, and the device needs a more in-depth study to prove its worth was published lately by The New York Times. However, if the concept of a 3D body scan and wanting to keep a check on your voice tone fascinates you, the Halo’s the only tracker on the market that does it all now. You should definitely give it thought before gifting it to a relative or friend for the season.

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