YouTube Introduces New “Premium Benefits” Page

The multibillion-dollar company, YouTube just added a whole new page to their website. YouTube has now added a special “Premium Benefits” page onto the site for users. In order to access it, click on your profile image present in the top right corner of the page and click on the first suggestion that comes up. It should ideally be the red “P” badge on the list.

At the very start of the page, it mentions the exact date the user purchased the membership. As one moves on, a list of “Premium benefits enjoyed so far” comes up alongside the first three YouTube stats noted in the past couple of hours, and it ends with a video watched stat.

• Ad-free videos: Minutes or hours played ad-free on YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids
• Background play: Minutes or hours played when you opened another app or when your screen was turned off
• Listened on YouTube Music: Minutes or hours listened on the YouTube Music app
• Videos watched offline: Videos and music played without using data

Furthermore, the page allows users to “Explore benefits and offers.” This comes along with YouTube Originals which premium members can watch ad-free, songs to tune in to in YouTube Music, as well as video playlists which one can download for offline access. The page ends with a simple but efficient Q and A which links one to “Manage Your Membership.”

YouTube’s premium feature page is available for Android but is unfortunately not showing up for iOS yet.

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