WhatsApp Adds Shopping Button Feature To Help Boost Businesses

WhatsApp recently added a new Shopping button in its latest update, making it easier for customers to discover a business’ catalog. This feature allows customers to go through the list of goods and services provided by any particular business. The aim of the newly added update is to help boost local business by the way of getting recognized and thus increasing sales.

Users will see a shopping button available right next to the business profile’s icon. Upon clicking on the button, the catalog for the business will open up and users will be able to browse through and make purchases.

WhatsApp confirmed that the shopping button will be visible in place of the calling button for business accounts. WhatsApp is working to incorporate all the needs of a one-stop shopping destination. It is looking forward to providing users with all the required information about a particular order from the app itself.

WhatsApp recently launched its very own payment service in India. The feature is limited to a set of 20 million people for now. The feature uses UPI and allows users to make direct bank transfers from within the comforts of the app itself.

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