Top 5 Apps For Planning The Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding can seem like an extremely daunting task. It is one of the biggest events in one’s life and holds the utmost importance for many. Moreover, weddings are far away from a cheap affair. Most weddings result in one of the costliest events of a person’s life. One has to pay for a venue, party favors, vendors, decorations, a wedding dress, and a tuxedo to name a few on top of the list. On top of this, it does not seem economical at all to hire a wedding planner as well.

Planning your own wedding can be the most rewarding task if done with the right assistance. Mentioned below are some of the best apps out there in the market today to adhere to all kinds of wedding plans and get one ready for their big day.

1. The Knot

The Knot is one of the finest wedding planning apps out there today. It lets one plan their wedding down to the finest of details.

Upon opening the app for the first time, The Knot asks users several questions to help personalize their experience to the optimum level. One is expected to add a wedding location, the day they got engaged, and the expected wedding date.

Thereafter, The Knot directs users to a dashboard which in turn provides them with a checklist and suggested reception venues, in case one is still confused about a venue. The app provides users with an in-built schedule system as well which ensures that everything goes smoothly.

The Knot also has a website, in turn allowing users access through PCs as well.

2. LadyMarry

Similar to The Knot, LadyMarry presents users with a list of questions when they first register on the app. To get one into the feel of the wedding, the app has a countdown to the big day which makes it more exciting than ever. The app is set to automatically create a wedding checklist which in turn encourages users to book a venue, start inviting guests, figure out wedding photographers, purchase outfits, as well as choose flowers.

LadyMarry lets users book and hire services through the app itself, upon which it simply directs them to the third-party websites of the services in order to confirm the bookings. The app also provides users with needful tips and tricks throughout the course of the wedding plan.

3. MyWed Wedding Planner

MyWed is a to the point, simple wedding planning apps. It might not allow users to book services from within the app but it provides them with contacts to reach the vendors. In a way, it plays out like a virtual address book for wedding-related requirements. Furthermore, the app helps users maintain their budget with excellent budget tracking features. MyWed requires users to input any expenses, as well as how much they’ve already paid and an estimate of the amount they might spend in the coming days. Moreover, MyWed presents users with an easy-to-follow checklist to ensure they plan out their wedding essentials (like a bachelor party and a bridal shower) well before the date of the wedding.

4. Zola

Zola assists users in making wedding websites as well as registries. Zola provides one with several marvelous website design options, saving one from the trouble of designing it from scratch themselves.

Users can also use Zola to add gifts to their registry. The app assists one by helping them shop around for kitchen goods, home essentials, travel accessories, gift cards, furniture, and bathroom basics. In case one lands upon an item they fancy; they can add it directly to the wedding registry from within the app.

Zola is an excellent app to plan a wedding through. One can add events, view a wedding to-do list, and even plan their honeymoon from within the comforts of the app itself.

5. WeddingHappy

WeddingHappy presents users with a list of self-generated tasks to do, based on the answers they fill in through a basic questionnaire upon registering on the app. Alongside providing users with an extremely helpful and comprehensive to-do list, WeddingHappy helps one track their payments and set a budget. One can book a wedding venue through the app as well if they wish to. Upon entering the planned location of the wedding, the app suggests users with nearby florists, photographers, bands, venues, and more. One can even share and allow others to contribute to their wedding plan on the app by sending them an invite through email.