Sony To Allow Gamers To Stream The PS5 Via PS4: New App Launch

Recently, PS4 owners reported the launch of a new “PS5 Remote Play” app. The app is reportedly meant to let users keep a PlayStation 5 in one room and stream it to (and control it from) a PlayStation 4 in the other room. The PlayStation 5 can do most of what the old PlayStation 4 could, leaving behind a bare minimum of games and features. Yet, it might just not be the correct decision to discard off the PS4 as of yet. Gamers will be able to stream the PS5 via the PS4 through the newly launched app. This will allow them to pick up a game from exactly where they left it off in another room.

Sony recently announced that the PS4 will be giving gamers access to controlling their other consoles remotely, including the PS5:
“We’re updating PS4’s Remote Play feature. Now, in addition to being able to access your PS4 from a PC or a mobile device, your PS4 can access other consoles via Remote Play too, right on your TV. This includes the ability to connect to your PS5 and stream a PS5 game to your PS4 so you can play it there.”

Users don’t require a PS4 in order to stream a PS5 to another room of their house, since the PS Remote Play app is looking at updates for other platforms as well. The Windows version added PS5 support at 1080p alongside HDR:

A few fanatics pointed out one particular issue with the app launch. Although the users will be able to play PS5 games with a PS4 DualShock 4 controller with credit to the exhilarating new app set up, it does throw light on one offbeat limitation of the PlayStation 5: one cannot play PS5 games with a DualShock 4 controller, thus limiting it to PS4 games only.