Rumour Says iOS 15 To Drop Support For iPhone 6s And Original iPhone SE

Apple plans to drop support for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus with next year’s release of iOS 15, implies a recent report by The Verifier. This would proceed post-Apple’s maintenance of compatibility with all of those devices this year with iOS 14.

Apple rumours seem to have varied statistics from the sourced reports. iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 would not get updates past iOS 12, although happened to be authentic reports. iOS 14 would support all of the same iPhones as iOS 13 was also reported accurately.

If the rumour can be considered as reliable, that would mean iOS 15 will be compatible with the following Apple devices:
1. 2021 iPhone lineup
2. iPhone 12 Pro Max
3. iPhone 12 Pro
4. iPhone 12 mini
5. iPhone 12
6. iPhone 11
7. iPhone 11 Pro
8. iPhone 11 Pro Max
9. iPhone XS
10. iPhone XS Max
11. iPhone XR
12. iPhone X
13. iPhone 8
14. iPhone 8 Plus
15. iPhone 7
16. iPhone 7 Plus
17. iPhone SE (2nd generation)
18. iPod touch (7th generation)

Apple is currently selling two modern devices that match the features of the iPhone 6s design along with the iPhone 12 mini and the second-generation iPhone SE. The second-generation iPhone SE is quite similar to the concept of design of the iPhone 6s, but with the modern A13 processor inside. A bigger display because of its edge-to-edge design, alongside the A14 processor and an upgraded camera system is proposed by the iPhone 12 mini even though it is physically much smaller.

In September of 2015, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were primarily introduced and the iPhone SE following in March of 2016. Largely popularised, the devices ended up receiving over four years of software updates from Apple.

Currently, there are no rumours about the new features or modifications coming with the iOS 15 update and what else should be expected. Until WWDC 2021, no official announcements are awaited by Apple users.

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