“Plex Accounts” – Banking Made Easy With Google Pay

“A new way to bank in Google Pay.” Google grandly announces Plex accounts. Google Plex will span over options from banks and credit unions including checking and saving accounts. The just-arrived new Google Pay app is available for both iOS and Android users. Once the app has been set up, through an info screen, users are welcomed with a greeting “Banking meets Google.”

The people and companies you have the most transactions with are portrayed by the app instead of just showing an account of incoming and outgoing payments. A search can be conducted based on categories (“groceries” or “gas”), location (“Italy”), parking lots, while all transactions are titled. “All your transactions, automatically organized and searchable in the Google Pay app.” Google Plex Accounts completely focuses on the organization and management of money being the easiest.

If your bank cards are registered to the Google Pay App, you will be able to see various kinds of trends, discounts, highlights and interesting offers and deals you might be able to avail. Google-designed debit cards showcasing the new brand and Pay logo along with Plex Accounts, additionally the partner icon in the bottom-right corner.

Your checking and savings balance can be found at top of the “Plex Account” homepage. Add money, move money, account details, lock card, and manage account are some of the quick actions available. Past transactions handled by the two accounts can be viewed in the activity feed.

No fees are required for monthly service, low balance, overdraft, or in-network ATM use. These accounts are “free to open” says Google.

Another great tent pole is making personalized goals for oneself, is a feature available with savings. Specific tasks to achieve certain aims is simplified with the app featuring a header image for it.

Google has primarily decided to partner up with Citi and the Stanford Credit Union stateside. Others enlisted are nine US partners along with the very first Plex Accounts commencing in 2021. Waitlists are accessible as we speak.

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