Netflix’s “Fast Laughs”, The New TikTok?

First Vine, then TikTok, and now Fast Laughs. The beloved TikTok format does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The trend has reached such heights that even Netflix has decided to adopt the vertical video feed format from TikTok. Fast Laughs offers users short, bite-sized clips from its vast but ultimately underwhelming collection of comedy specials. The Fast Laughs feed is set to include content from original shows alongside licensed programs. Netflix has been doing something alike Just Laughs in the form of Netflix is a Joke which posts longer clips of various shows from Netflix on social media platforms.

Netflix aims for users to find out about new shows and comedies through the use of this new app. Keeping in mind the social media addiction of today’s time, promoting through a format that is already accepted and loved seems like a noteworthy idea.

The app was first stopped by Matt Navarra on Twitter. Netflix shortly confirmed that the feature is all set to roll out in selected markets like the US and UK. Although users will not be able to like or comment on the clips, they will be provided with the option to add the shows to their “Watch Later” list on Netflix. The clips are set to be 15 to 45 seconds long, so we can presume that they will mostly be filled with short and punchy content. Users will have the option to react with laughing emojis as well as view similar content.