Google One Rolls Out VPN For Android: How To Enable

Google One is now providing higher tier plan members with VPN services. For the moment, only android users are able to enjoy this function. Google One has assured that all other platform users will be receiving the same service anytime soon now. Users have to adhere to three basic requirements in order to fully optimize the VPN service provided by Google One.

The first requirement needs users to have at least Google One’s 2TB storage plan ($9.99 / month) or higher, or else to be a member of a family Google One plan with 2TB or higher. Furthermore, one needs to have an android device and should be residing in the USA. For the moment, Google One has confirmed plans of expansion to more countries and platforms.

The Google One app has to be up to date in the PlayStore. Once updated, click on the “Home” tab, and a card labelled “Online protection with a VPN” should come up. Select the button that reads “Enable VPN.”

A new page will come up, reading “VPN by Google One.” Scroll down a little on the same page and click on “Enable VPN.” Click on it and the VPN protection should be automatically turned on. Google One will send a notification confirming that the device is protected.

Go to the notifications bar and scroll down. “VPN by Google One” should appear Scroll down to the very bottom, and you should see “VPN by Google One.” Click on the icon and drag it to your preferred location under Quick Settings.

Moreover, whenever users feel the need for any kind of extended safety whilst using the internet, they can simply switch on the Google One VPN and browse without any fear to their heart’s content.