Google Meet Introduces “100 Breakout Rooms” In A Single Call To Its Users

Breakout rooms are being introduced by Google Meet, although, presently, the availability G Suite Enterprise customers for Education. As much as breakout rooms seem like a really interesting feature, the accessibility is only for Enterprise for Education as we speak. Workspace, Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus customers, as well as G Suite Business and Enterprise for Education customers, are getting breakout rooms ensures Google. Workspace Business Starter, G Suite Basic, Education, or Nonprofits do not have the availability to it yet.

Organizers of Enterprise for Education meetings can now use breakout rooms to divide participants into smaller groups during video calls in Meet. Participants can then easily rejoin the original meeting following their smaller group discussion.

This feature is particularly asked for as it will help teachers and educators with projects or long discussions. It will also be a simpler way for them to organize their classes into smaller groups.

The new features include:

1. Help can be asked directly or through flag moderators in breakouts by the attendees.
2. A timer with a countdown of 30 seconds will be alerted before going off as a banner in the rooms.
3. Dial-in phone and anonymous participants support is also provided

You can create up to 100 breakout rooms in a call. Call participants will then be randomly and equally distributed across the rooms. You can also manually move people into different rooms.

The ability to create a breakout room is only on the web, although whatever device everyone is having, they can join with their Google Accounts.

With the quick editing being enabled, the categorization of everyone is taken into account by the control panel. The conversations can be jumped at any given point by the moderators. Actions like the number of rooms, set a timer, and shuffle is in full control of the admin.

Google Meet breakout rooms are being set in motion and will completely be live for all the Enterprise for Education users in the upcoming days.

Google has also planned to provide accessibility to other Workspace tiers in the coming times.

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