Gmail For iOS Gets Additional Support For Widgets On iOS 14

In recent times, a new update has been released by Google, for both, iPhone and iPad. The key apps were updated to support iOS that launched in September. A new widget has been introduced on both the iPhone and iPad and can either be added to the Today centre or the Home Screen on the iPhone.

There is a single 4×2 Gmail widget that starts with a “Search in mail” bar that launches the app to the right-field when clicked with the version 6.0.201101 being set in motion as we speak. On the very top left the all-new Workspace icon can be found, whereas, if you want to look at your profile avatar, you can find that on the other side.

The “Compose” shortcut can be found right below, by sliding up you will get the keyboard for instant text entry.

Add the Gmail widget to your home screen to simply stay updated with your emails.

Mac has also introduced features like better battery life and speed improvements. Chrome 87 has also been set in motion. A new Big Sur dock icon and Apple Silicon support also have been launched.

Other impressive additions are:
•Safety check helps you understand if you have enabled Safe Browsing, how to fix compromised passwords in case you have them, reminds you to keep a check on the latest version of Chrome. This feature can be accessed in the settings.
•Sign in again with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode to enable the auto-filling process. Autofill is secure now more than ever.

Lastly, the multiple windows of Chrome at the same time is like the climax for the iPad. Google is advertising the “Open in a new window” feature already live in version 86 of the browser.

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