Christmas 2020 – HomeKit Is Happy To Help!

With the Christmas season approaching, and everyone being in the holiday spirit, people are excited to decorate their homes with Christmas trees and outdoor lighting. Since years, with the help of HomeKit, the organisation of Christmas decorations has become extremely easy to read about handy tricks and what other equipment needs to be bought.

HomeKit Weekly is a series focused on smart home accessories, automation tips and tricks, and everything to do with Apple’s smart home framework.

The Christmas tree

Apple’s HomeKit protocol helps to simply switch the lights on and off if a switch outlet is being used as the Christmas tree is not enabled to support HomeKit. The most popular options are listed as:


To enable features like turning the tree on/off at any point of the day, or grouping multiple trees to operate them all together by inserting one of the adapters between your tree and wall outlet, which will give access to the Home app.

Phrases like “Hey Siri, turn on the Christmas trees” can be said to see all the lights come on by adding a HomePod mini to your home. HomeKit gets to control everything that needs power through outlet adaptors, which includes options like mantle lighting and stair garland as well.

Christmas outdoor lighting now assisted by HomeKit

HomeKit also assists the complete outdoor lighting. Controlling lights on your home’s front porch can be easily done by the Meross outdoor outlet adaptors. It is suggested to try avoiding products rated for indoor as they won’t be able to stand up to rain and extreme temperatures also because if its the outdoors (colder in the US).

The home app provides complete control with the light schedule with the indoor lights. Launch the Automations tab in the Home app to start building. ‘A Time of Day Occurs’ then ‘Sunset’ is the sequence of choices to be made. To complete the automation, all you need to do is look for the Christmas lights that you wish to turn on at Sunset. To turn the lights off each morning, second automation can be built, by the setting the Sunrise time. To then shut them off while going to bed, ‘Time of Day’ is an option that can be chosen.

Finalise everything on HomeKit with Christmas

Since smart plugs include most of the purchases, automating Christmas decorations with Homekit can be implemented simply, offers an amusing usage, and is completely affordable. Lastly, your favourite Christmas playlist on Apple Music can be activated along with HomeKit scenes to customize Christmas scenes setting up the lights just how you wish to have them as.

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