Belkin To Launch MagSafe Accessories For iPhone 12

Belkin has recently been hinting at new accessories such as a new wireless charging accessory and a new car mount, whereas PopSockets is planning on launching new Grips that use magnets. The Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount is available for ordering with an estimated shipping time of 3-4 weeks on Apple’s Online store.

The iPhone 12 comes accompanied with a unique ring of magnets on the back that allows MagSafe accessories to be extremely compatible with the smartphone. Belkin recently hinted at a MagSafe Car Vent Mount, as well as a 3-in-1 wireless charger during their “Hi, Speed” event.

Belkin has planned the release of the aforementioned accessories in the coming months. The car mount will go on sale for $39.95 alongside the Boost Charge Pro which will be available for $149.99.

With all these sensational accessories coming up, users might invest in them to match outfits or even their moods. MagSafe accessories are really taking off recently and Belkin’s additions are something to look out for.

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