App Review: Qshot – Video Editor & Maker

If videos don’t already make up for an important part of your content marketing strategy, odds are they are about to be any time soon now. Web content is taking up a major chunk of marketing, no matter whether SEOs and content marketers like it or not. Up to 50% of marketers added YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution recently; one-third of online activity is spent watching videos, and videos themselves are projected to account for more than 82% of all internet traffic by 2021.

Not an expert when it comes to the art of video making? Confused about how to edit videos? It’s absolutely alright. The goal of Qshot – Video Editor & Maker is to show you that with the right video editing software, anyone can easily churn out sleek, professional video content — regardless of experience — thus keeping their content strategy ahead of the curve always.

Content And Features

Qshot is one of the smoothest apps available in the market for the perfect video making and editing. It is a very user-friendly app, making sure that one does not necessarily need to be an expert in the field to make the optimum use of the features of the application. The app comes equipped with an end number of filters, stickers, fonts, etc. to provide users with all the options one can possibly ask for.

Display And Appearance

Qshot has an extremely user-friendly interface. All the features are prominently discoverable, making it an extremely hassle-free experience for the users. The quick reach to tools and accessories cuts down on an immense amount of time, allowing one to finish their video projects peacefully, without any unnecessary frustration or time wastage.

Final Verdict – Qshot is one of the finest video making and editing apps in today’s digital day and age. It does its job with sheer perfection, making sure users have an easy and smooth sailing experience. We rate the App 10/10.

You can download the App from the Play Store and App Store. You can also visit the ToolRocket website for more information.