YouTube To Introduce Pop-Up Reminders To Curb Toxic Comments

Youtubers face a lot of toxic and negative comments on a daily basis no matter what they do or say on their channel. Almost everyone on the platform seems to have faced these comments. Naturally, it can be harmful to their mental well being, so YouTube is trying to reduce the number of hate comments through a new feature they’re experimenting with.

While Community Guidelines already exist on the platform to curb abusive comments, many negative comments are of a different kind that doesn’t violate Community Guidelines but is still dragging a creator down. The new feature that YouTube is testing will be a pop-up reminder shown to viewers if it recognizes a potentially abusive comment, reminding the author to reconsider what they’re saying.

While everyone hopes that this feature will help reduce the number of negative comments, we also know it’s only a small step towards changing the toxic environment. Hopefully, the feature will roll out worldwide soon, but currently it’s only popping up on randomly selected devices as an experiment.

[October 6 2020] Testing a new reminder in comments to help encourage respectful interactions: To help encourage more respectful interactions on YouTube, we’re testing out a reminder that pops up before you post a potentially offensive comment, giving you a moment to reflect on your comment and revise your reply/comment before it’s published. From the reminder, you can move forward with posting your comment as is, or take a few extra moments to edit your comment before posting it.

Note: Even if a comment doesn’t trigger the reminder (as it won’t catch all potentially offensive comments) it may still be removed due to Community Guidelines violations. Only those randomly selected to participate in the experiment will see the reminder. We’ll continue to adjust if and how the reminder is shown pending experiment results.