Uber To Ask Riders To Confirm Wearing A Mask Via Selfie

A lot of services had come to a halt during the pandemic but cab drivers never got a vacation. Uber has been providing service to the customers throughout the pandemic, while ensuring the best of safety measures from their end of the spectrum. Although they do everything from their end, they can’t ensure the level of safety the customer is taking. To ensure higher safety, Uber will now be asking users to confirm wearing a mask via a selfie before booking a ride.

As we can rate our Uber drivers, they can rate the customers as well. Uber on Monday said that if the riders are tagged for not wearing a mask during the drive, they will not be allowed to book another ride until they confirm wearing a mask via a selfie. Amidst the pandemic, regulations like these are extremely important.

We, as a society, need to look out for each other and behave in a way that benefits us all. Uber drivers are working day and night in order for people to reach their desired locations on time. It is a bare minimum ask from the riders to maintain basic safety measures in order to maintain good health, during a pandemic.