Top 5 American Election Apps for iPhone

Despite the fact whether one lives in the US or not, their presidential elections cause a buzz all around the world. Keeping up with the early predictions, exit polls, and final results are some of the best parts of this adrenalin rushing experience. The traditional old school way to keep track of these things is to sit in front of the television for hours on end. Sadly, one doesn’t have the time for that in today’s busy world. Mentioned below are the best iPhone apps that allow users to follow the election any time and from anywhere.

1. The Guardian

Guardian is one of the best apps to receive straight, unfiltered facts from. They push out live notifications about the advancements of the elections. Upon allowing notification, it sends out one mobile alert which thereon keeps getting updated on election day. The notification includes electoral votes won as well as states called. Users are not even required to open the Guardian app to be updated with this information. The app keeps users updated throughout, via the single notification.

2. Twitter Moments

As the elections are going on, the tension rises day by day. Citizens can trend thoughts, updates regarding the election in real time and big news about the election in the Twitter-verse to name a few. For the youth that gains most of their news and updates from platforms like Buzzfeed, a platform like Twitter Moments is cloud nine for them.

3. CNN Politics

CNN is one of the most trusted and well- celebrated sources of news, especially when it comes to US elections. CNN provides users with analyst insights on how both the contesting candidates are doing, latest news on the campaign trail and what Biden and Trump are up to even during the final few hours of the day, and CNN poll results for updates of who is winning. Users can check in with the mobile app when and as they please you, for updates about every minutia of the presidential election.

4. CBSNews

CBS allows users with the easiest reach to updates, without the need to necessarily sign in. CBS allows one to the newest updates regarding the presidential updates straight from the screen of their mobiles. It does not require one to sit through the long, time-consuming live debates. CBS allows users to keep up to date with the entire segment with the provision of trending clips, in-depth stories, or even the choice of switching over to some entertainment news for a short break.

5. Politico

Politico renders users with one of the most useful features: Key Race Results tools. It allows users to watch how the electoral votes count up from the real-time grid. Upon tapping on the segmented bar, the app let’s one see how many electoral votes each state is designated Users can track which states voted republican, democrat, or another party, alongside keeping a track of which country’s votes haven’t come in yet. With the Election Countdown coverage, Politico has a spectacular speculation of which way people are leaning based on different organization’s polling data.