PubG To Possibly Make A Comeback In India As Job Opening Gets Listed On LinkedIn

PubG Mobile was one of the most dominative video games in India for a long time until the strings were abruptly cut. PubG was amongst the list of the 118 apps that were to be banned in the country. The news was not taken kindly and fans were extremely disheartened. Since then, the corporation has been working on getting back to its user base in India.

PubG had recently cut ties with their Chinese partner Tencent, in hopes of the ban being lifted in the country. Sadly, no such incident happened and fans of the video game have been yearning since to play it again.

The job opening was posted by PubG corporation on LinkedIn for the post of Corporate Development Division Manager – India and the location of the post says Delhi, India.

The full-time associate-level job demands the candidate to work from home in India “or the city where PUBG India will be set up”. The job description mentioned lending a hand in the setup process of PUBG India with guidance from the headquarters at Krafton Inc. the candidate has to take part in corporate strategic planning processes, develop an investment strategy for the gaming and related sectors, and work closely with internal leaders and external advisors; as per the job listing requirements.

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