PopSockets To Launch MagSafe Compatible iPhone Accessories

PopSockets has been amongst the most popular phone accessories for the past few years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Recently, during Apple’s iPhone launch event, the company announced that MagSafe, their charging brand, is now the company’s latest system for the iPhone’s wireless charging and easy-to-attach accessories.

PopSockets will be compatible with the innovative MagSafe technology. Customers will now be able to pop on and off the sockets as per their will and mood, without the apprehension of the PopSockets losing their adhesive over time. This allows the users with a smooth sailing experience of changing and aligning the ever so stylish PopSockets with their outfits, their hair and at times even their nails.

The iPhone will also now be resting in a more parallel position when kept on Apple’s MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Charger, thanks to the new amassing of the magnets positioned around the wireless charging coil.

The multimillion-dollar company has recorded sales of over 165 million PopSockets since their launch in 2014. The triumphant company has gone on to expand their product line into variations such as – mini PopSockets, PopSockets with mirrors, lip-glosses and even tiny wallets to begin with.

Although PopSockets can be removed numerous times, they tend to lose their stickiness over time. As a rational solution to the aforementioned issue, the company had launched PopSockets Grips with replaceable covers, known as PopTops.

With the exciting new addition of the MagSafe-compatible PopSockets line, one will not have to worry about the stickiness of the sockets fading anytime soon. This may result in buyers purchasing more of these, possibly even forming personal collections.

In hindsight, it may open up the possibilities of PopSockets facing more competition in the market as rivals might look into expanding their own lines and introducing MagSafe-compatible items for a premium, in order to inflate revenue.

With the news of PopSockets’ MagSafe products being under development, we can’t wait to hear the official announcement any day now.

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