Pixel 4 Owners Can Switch To Pixel 5 With Trade-In Offers Up To $365

Google‘s most affordable flagship, Pixel 5, doesn’t seem to be boasting a very hot trade-in value when it comes to swapping from the Pixel 4 to the Pixel 5.

Google Store is offering a trade-in at checkout for Pixel 5 that includes as little as $195 for a Pixel 4 and as much as $365 for a maxed-out Pixel 4 XL, assuming there’s no damage.

As pointed out by 9to5Google,

A 64GB Pixel 4 in good shape nets $290, about 36% of the phone’s original $799 cost. That percentage is kept for a 128GB Pixel 4 XL, a phone that costs $999 but only gets a trade-in value of $365. Somewhat hilariously, that’s the same value you’ll get for a maxed-out iPhone 11, a phone that costs just $849 with 256GB of storage.

However, the trade-in value seems to have increased with respect to last year, when Pixel 3 owners could only get a maximum of $295 for a Pixel 3 XL. Considering how the Pixel 5 is actually cheaper, $365 doesn’t seem to be too bad of a deal either.

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