NASA Partners Up with Nokia To Provide 4G On The Moon

Whether you believe the moon landing to be fake or real, NASA is here now to prove its achievements via real time updates, navigation and video streaming from the moon. NASA has partnered up with Nokia to bring forth 4G on the moon.

NASA had recently held a competition between a dozen companies to station technology on the lunar surface. The companies were asked to come up with innovations such as cryogenic freezing, robotics, power generation, safer landing and 4G network towers.

NASA’s research wing, Bell Labs, had been granted with $14.1 million for the project “to build and deploy the first wireless network on the moon, starting with 4G/LTE technologies and evolving to 5G”.

“Nokia proposes to deploy the first LTE/4G communications system in space. The system could support lunar surface communications at greater distances, increased speeds, and provide more reliability than current standards,” said NASA.

Along a sequence tweets, Bell Labs said: “To the moon! We are excited to have been named by Nasa as a key partner to advance “Tipping Point” technologies for the moon, to help pave the way towards a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface.”

The LTE network has been specifically designed to withstand extreme temperature, radiation and vacuum conditions of space.

“This mission will validate the future of other operational deployments and the potential for human habitation on the moon”, said Bell Labs.

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