iPhone 12 Pro Max To Have A Smaller Battery Than The iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple launched the new iPhone 12 Pro Max a few days ago and updates about it have been rolling in ever since. Firstly, the amount of RAM on the phone was leaked soon only to be followed by the battery specs to be leaked as well.

As per the leak, the biggest iPhone will come with a battery capacity of 3,687mAh, which is 282 mAh smaller than last year’s biggest iPhone 12 Pro Max’s capacity. Although the battery is smaller, the company claims that the battery life will not be affected by it. This will be made possible thanks to the power-efficient 5nm A14 chipset, which brings about remarkable gains in energy saving.

Apple contends that the A14 Bionic brings about some serious gains to the iPhone 12 series. When compared to the iPhone 11 series, the chipset helps make sure that the new iPhone offers a higher level of performance per core for single as well as multi-threaded applications, since it will be consuming less energy per core while doing so.