iPad Air 4 Benchmark Results Shared Online As Apple Reportedly Prepares A14 Apple TV

The newest A14 Bionic chipset from Apple would be embedded in the recently announced iPad Air 4. The new iPhone 12 and Apple TV are also speculated to be powered by the same chipset. Since all these products are still not released, it is difficult for us to actually speculated at the performance of this newest chipset from Apple, but a recent Geekbench benchmark leak gives us a closer look at this new chipset.

The twitter user by the name Ice universe, a very well known and trusted source, was the one who came out with the Geekbench benchmark results which were performed on an iPad Air 4 running on iOS 14. The scores showed that it performed almost 42% better in single-core and 48% better in multi-core than the A12 chip that accompanied the previous iPad, which is a huge jump in the performance. When comparing it to the previous chipset, the A13, it performed 20% better in single-core and 28% better in multi-core.

This leak not only tells us how powerful the new iPad is going to be but also how powerful the new iPhone 12 might be. Since the iPhone has always been the most powerful phone on the market, this jump was not only impressive but necessary for it to keep its crown. With this new chipset, Apple once again proves how its chipset is still ahead of its competitors.

Fudge, an Apple leaker, revealed that the company is working with developers to bring more games that compete with console-level games. The leaker also mentioned that Apple has been working on new, more powerful Apple TV models with the A12Z chip and A14X chip, as well as a new game controller.

As 9to5mac reported:

Earlier this year, 9to5Mac heard from a source that Apple is working on a new Apple TV with the A14 chip (or one of its variations) with at least 6GB RAM. Our source also told us that Apple was aiming to offer more graphics performance to compete with consoles, which has now been corroborated by Fudge. Unfortunately, a Bloomberg report claims that we might not see this new Apple TV until 2021.