Google’s Smart Displays With Google Assistant To Hit Store Shelves In July

Amidst the I/O developers conference on Tuesday, Google announced smart displays with Google Assistant will soon be hitting store shelves in July, adding another extremely helpful device to bring ease to our daily lifestyle.

Google announced on Tuesday that the smart displays will be including a YouTube TV app, a feature that was previously demoed on the I/O stage from a special request for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

The smart displays will come equipped with Google Maps, video calls and pulling up footage from in-home security cameras. In the near future, it does not look like Smart displays will be replacing smart speakers, especially considering the forever improving audio quality of speakers, which is much celebrated amongst music lovers.

The smart displays will be compatible with all devices that feature Google Assistant. The Google Smart Display is rumoured to come in different price options.

Company Vice President Rishi Chandra spilled the beans to Variety magazine last month letting us know that Google has not given up on plans to one day release a smart screen. The partnerships, as per Rishi Chandra, made sense because of how the devices were completely compatible with the Nest smart home products.